on writing stuff

a little note to myself:

“the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

remember this in writing. sometimes it is just that one added syllable, that one extra phrase, that completely destroys the economy of the prose, and changes a reader’s mind 180 degrees around. don’t fucking get carried away with your own cuteness. don’t ever over-do shit. give little, but give a lot in that little. be tight-lipped and economic and minimalistic and sleek and clean and always leave a little to the reader’s imagination. those who get it, will get it -and they don’t like their intelligences insulted. those who don’t, well, they just won’t get it and you have to live with that. don’t dumb stuff down, don’t stretch shit farther than it is capable of being stretched, and don’t ever get carried away with your own brilliant ideas. you’d be surprised how few people agree with you on their brilliance. berivity is the essence of eloquence and wit. wryness has its own economy. and save for scripture, nothing is worth reading that is not also eloquent and witty. don’t you ever forget that.


~ by safrang on July 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “on writing stuff”

  1. whoa. well put. so do you like hemingway or hate him?

  2. @ marcella: thank you.
    have not read a whole lot from hemingway -i am embarrassed to admit. i read ‘the sun also rises’ a while ago and a few short stories here and there. the sun also rises was a bit of a labor and a slow start. the short stories i liked better. all in all, i have not nearly read enough to have formed an opinion about his prose and writing, but when and if i read more of him, you have my criteria for judging him above. what do you think of him? i feel like he’s one of those larger-than-life figures who are more well-known for their life (that special love of mojitos, the cuba ranch, the avid hunter, and bang! that final parting shot in the emperor’s bathrobe that one early morning) than their work and writing.

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