greetings from lahore, the beating heart of pakistan!

(where i have come to read guy de maupassant short stories with greater concentration)


ای جوانانِ عجم
جانِ من و
جانِ شما

اقبال لاهوری-


~ by safrang on June 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “lahore”

  1. I love Lahore.

  2. Lahore City – Beautiful Lahore city – Old Lahore city

    Lahore city is tenderly called as “The Heart of Pakistan.” Here is a well-liked saying, “He who has not seen Lahore, has not yet been born.” Lahore city is a delightful and exclusive city with a wealthy civilization and a great quantity of artists, poets and films. There are a lot of gorgeous gardens to outing, Lahore city is located on the bank of Ravi and the soil is very rich. People in Lahore city are recognized for their kindness and offer a kind greeting. Lahore city is an energetic city with an attractive history. It has been lined by the Mughals Sikhs and British earlier than gaining independence. A range of educational institutes, universities and colleges together with the esteemed Government College, are situated in Lahore city. City

  3. i have read this poem said
    Jan mano Jan-e shoma
    and readed the full peom in my dari literature book in school

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