swim as if there is no tomorrow

and i give this one talk regularly and usually it goes well and i see that in the audience’s eyes and it feels good. and i have come to crave that look in their eyes, and the admiration, and the feeling that runs through me knowing that i did well. and yesterday i went into this conference late and really unprepared. and no, i did not bomb it, but it did not go so great either. and it left me unfulfilled and determined to prepare better. and ideally to be a bit early and sit in the audience before i am to speak to get a feel of the place and the pulse of the moment before i am to talk…
learning, learning.
hubris be damned.


what would i give to be able to swim in kabul…

wait, i am swimming this afternoon. at at a rather nice pool too. finally i will get to use all the overpriced swimming gear i have bought on every trip because without fail i forget to pack them when i go to another trip… or assuming i wont find the time or the facilities to swim.


associated with swimming and with conferences abroad, i have this really interesting anecdote about an mp which out of courtesy i will not post here, but if we ever get to meet, it is a story that must be shared.


i had a set of magnetic word anagrams in college that i would arrange every which way in college on the freezer door. for the longest time someone had arranged the title of this post on it: swim as if there is no tomorrow. and i really liked that.


for someone who was born and bred and brought up in a landlocked country, i should not have a right to like swimming this much, but by god i do, i do, i do. i love the feeling of perfectly temperatured water on my skin and slithering and swimming as a fish. i was not always good at it, and it was through a combination of sheer will, pig-headedness, drinking lots of salt and chlorinated water and long hours of summer vacations whiled away in the sun that i thought myself the intricacies of learning the one and only great secret of swimming well – breathing. now i swim as if there is no tomorrow.

but boy do i fear the ocean. the bigness and blueness and power and darkness of it. i never was at comfort with it after i saw the movie jaws in the late nineties. may the director of that movie be damned for doing such a good job.

also maybe the near drowning experience once off the coast of goa has something to do with it too.


the weather this afternoon in kabul is divine. spring is in the air, and almond trees in full bloom. the best time of the year in kabul. and on top of it all, i am listening to stevie wonder. so.


~ by safrang on March 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “swim as if there is no tomorrow”

  1. So…that MP story.

  2. come on champion, i am sure you have successfully overcome this one too.

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