no smoking please

what i really wonder about is how much money do tobacco companies spend in order to keep that ubiquitous ‘no smoking’ sign over every seat of every plane everywhere right next to ‘please fasten your seatbelts’ sign.

no smoking plane

it is one of the more ingenious (and perverse) ways of marketing tobacco and pushing cigarettes. subliminal messaging at its best.

by associating smoking with an international frequent flyer jetsetting lifestyle, the sign reinforces the chic aura of smoking. the same aspect of smoking that makes it appealing when you see greta garbo and albert camus with cigarettes alight, or anorexic-looking french models.

– for those who smoke, the sign contributes to increased tobacco craving. this is why every smoking section of every airport terminal is always occupied.

– for those who are quitting, the sign diminishes their resolve by subtly communicating that it is generally acceptable to smoke, but just not in airplanes please.

– for those who do not smoke, and especially the younger demography (and who should smoke because they represent an up and coming market share) the sign is usually associated with a first experience of flight. the first flight, a rite of passage of sorts, an international travel to pursue higher education or work or get out of home, is also the best venue to advertise another rite of passage and break with life under the watchful eyes of the family: smoking.

and none of this has anything to do with condoning smoking or saying that smoking should be allowed on te planes, or that there should be no no smoking signs at all. smoking is dangerous and hazardous to health and a fire hazard and in a confined space like the fuselage of a plane, the smoke will affect others. but does that warrant having a dedicated sign over every seat? can’t there be a sign at the entrance? an announcement? or a big sign up front near the big monitor for each compartment? no sir. instead, it is over every seat, and often in your ticket stabs too.

or maybe i am just paranoid and this is all the psychotic effects of insomnia.


~ by safrang on March 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “no smoking please”

  1. I never thought of it that way,but that is so true!interesting observation!!

  2. Interesting, you have mentioned almost all the possible solutions. Smoking is a sin filled with pleasure and regret and health hazards for that matter, but I doubt that tobaco companies will market smoking to this extent.
    or maybe I am skeptical of their marketing resolve and abilities.

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