being on the right side

it is said that berivity is the essence of eloquence.

i beg to differ. i think that being on the right side of things is really the essence of eloquence, and can even cure the ills of verbosity and inarticulation.

being on the right side of history makes things so much easier.


~ by safrang on February 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “being on the right side”

  1. well, it is convoluted. the tyrant who orders to kill people does so in few words (based on an brief analysis laden with certainty) and there is no reason not to think that he may be articulate and eloquent. at the same time he might be on the wrong side of things. on the other hand, one comes to the conclusion that he or she is on the right side of things in two ways: intuitively or through thinking and deliberation. if i have thought through things and can’t articulate my thoughts ,then i might have not thought that well and profoundly enough. in this case stumbling can be taken as an indication that ” me being on the right side of things” may just be a result of pure guess or intuition. now, if i am caught up in verbosity and stumble on words, then one may ask : why is that?

  2. where is the right side? sorry.. am so confused these days..

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