an air of hopeful expectancy

afghanistan venture page excerpt

Yes, all about is life and an air of hopeful expectancy, and the beginning (we Americans each in our own humbel way fervently pray) of a new Afghanistan rising from out of the mysteries of forgotten centuries to become truly a modern “Star of Asia.”

(an excerpt from the 1950s book “afghanistan venture” by one paul s. jones, an american engineer working at the time in helmand with the morrison knudson engineering firm, cited by film makber adam curtis in a truly fascinating series on afghanistan’s strange history.)


~ by safrang on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “an air of hopeful expectancy”

  1. * درمان بی صبری
    * سخنان بزرگان در مورد آزادی (1)
    * اقسام صبر
    * برخورد با غرایز
    * نقش خداوند در حوادث تلخ و شیرین
    * فلسفه تلخى‏ها و ناگوارى‏ها چيست؟
    * سخنان بزرگان در مورد آرزو (6)

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