amazing discovery

no. not a breakthrough on my lifelong quest to decipher the secret and complex algorithm according to which the unpredictable mood swings of well, don’t want to divulge that information take place, rather that emily blunt and amy adams are playing in one other movie together as well. how amazing is that. i seriously thought the only movie they played in together was sunshine cleaning, but no sir.. they are both in charlie wilson’s war, and i came across this exhilarating discovery while channel surfing a few days ago. amy adams is the perky aide to mr. wilson while ms. blunt is the aloof daughter of the christian-values-promoting, ten-commandments-defending texan supporter of congressman wilson -which, of course, by some strange turn of events ends up right in mr. wilson’s bed after she is left by her ever vigilant father to the devices of the congressman.

the 9th para of this post might explain


update: hm… so there was something going on and it was not all my twisted imagination. em and am have themselves also spoken about their ‘wierd’ bond with each other. i know they were kindred on some transcendental level – soul sisters. the chemistry in sunshine cleaning is not easily seen between other actors working together.


~ by safrang on January 30, 2010.

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