posting: capital under assault

i started writing this one on the day kabul came under attack… and then decided not to post it… and then decided today why not? so there it is
(yes, ‘why not?’ – that most ubiquitous of afghan questions.. )

so now that my meetings are canceled and things work-related seem to have come to a halt, i may as well do a post on how the capital is under assault today and another reminder that we have a long way to go before experiencing normal lives in this country. i normally would not spoil this space of zen with this kind of post but then again i am intent on scribbling down whatever crosses my disturbed conscience, and it is hard to think of anything else right now (although that one passage from anne enright’s book ‘the gathering’ that i read in bed early this morning has also kept me rather transfixed.)


vague news of an explosion is first mentioned by someone just before 10am and before soon more news trickles in. all pointed to explosions and firefights at a central fountain in a square that leads variously to the presidential palace, ministry of finance, ministry of justice, the central bank and the serena hotel.


i immediately get to working the phones and check on a couple of friends that i knew work in the area. one, i cannot get across to at first. another sounds pretty shaken and cannot talk for long and says that he still hears explosions outside. then i get across to the other friend who had fainted at the sound of the first explosion has had to be revived and she too confirms still hearing explosions outside and that she is under a desk.


we are some distance away from where the events are unfolding and have to rely on the radio and phone calls to find out what’s going on. more concrete information emerges at the same time as helicopters are heard overhead.

apparently, terrorists have captured the ‘big afghan super store’ (an old institution of its own right in kabul) and from there are coordinating and launching attacks every which way.


ministry of justice has come under attack – no news about how many hurt or injured.


just before 12 more news about another attack near ministry of education and the new high rise shopping center the gulbahar center.


at 12 more helicopters fly overhead – firefight still going on.


screw this… don’t want to write this shit no more don’t want to post it either just go home home home alsdkjf;alksjdf al;sdkjfa;sldkfjas;ldkjfalsdkjf;aslkjfoweijrf09qu4trolkajsdvlknx;


~ by safrang on January 23, 2010.

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