take 4

last minutes of jan 14th 2010, and here is a self congratulatory note annotating the tricentennial of this unlikely journey and the start of the 4th year.
thank you all for coming along.


and prayers and wishes for all those who hurt tonight -from port au prince to deh rawud.


i am speaking to someone here soon to make a case for why afghanistan should reach a helping hand halfway across the world at this time of haiti’s need. part of claiming to be a member of the family of nations once again is also to stand with those in the family who are struck with misfortune -even if it is with bar-e-sabz, volunteer time of all the people that may not be able to administer emergency medical aid but can certainly help in moving rubble and debris, and even if it is with money we have received in aid ourselves.
plus, it will be a powerful story of one country in need helping another. i vaguely recall a powerful line from victor hugo that i read many years ago: only those in adversity do truly understand each other.

sohrab said something similar of the sincerity and intimacy that comes with sorrow:
sadaay-e tu sabzeena-e aan giyaahi ajeebist
ki dar intihaayi sameemiyyat-e huzn


this computer does not have farsi type.


~ by safrang on January 14, 2010.

One Response to “take 4”

  1. the 5th is complete and the 6th will start. you are not around but everyone else has been sticking around here.

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