all other things constant, cetaris paribus, and insha-allah, of course, i will be traveling to bamyan starting this saturday for a few days. will try to do a post from there. it is always such a delight to go there (and out to the field generally) that i am looking forward to it already. though i dread the cold already.


~ by safrang on December 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “bamyan”

  1. added you on my list, cuz your writing style is catchy and i thought of it as a good english practice as well as a virtual friendship.
    best of luck with your travel.

  2. Take photos. Everyone loves Bamiyan photos!

  3. hi
    i am blogging from Herat and as a matter of fact am new in blogging and stuff.
    by the way , flying a kite has become a dream of mine since almost a year and i cant take it off my mind, if by any chance you would have the time to do it out there, try and tell me how it is.i have never done before.
    and please answer either in my weblog or here, i bare check that email.

  4. i meant i barely check that email.

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