the smell of winter

the smell of winter-
is in the air

it’s in the chill of the mornings (even when the temperature is higher than some mid-summer mornings)
it’s in the the mid-day cool (even though the sun is high in the sky)
it’s in that old familiar whiff of burning firewood that makes its way from chimney tops to your nostrils (cartloads of which firewood are being hauled off every which way every day)
and in the old familiar sight of snow-
lightly capping mountains surrounding kabul

it’s in the eyes of those who will suffer the worst in the winter for want of warm clothing and warm food and warm homes;
those who await the spring most eagerly, most meaningfully (and unlike you and i who like it for the romance of the daffodils)


~ by safrang on November 10, 2009.

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