crawling on the ceiling of my mind

i paraphrased that from the mariner’s revenge song by the decembrists, the fantastic, wholesome, agonizing, anguished 8.4 minute long ballad that leaves me satisfied and sad everytime i hear it.


i am back in kabul.
and what happens when i get back to kabul?
that’s right -i am swept away with the deluge of work, except that this time the onrush is more severe given that i have been a way for the longest period ever -3 weeks.


but on the plus side of it all, i am alive, and safe, and seemingly have survived the elections -survival in all senses. maybe. maybe in one or two senses of it. don’t know yet.

but i have decided to write a will. i read it somewhere about an afghan american couple that they packed up and left for afghanistan and took their favorite music collection along, and of course wrote their will. and for a minute i thought right, that’s something to do.

also, lastly, the blog has broken the 50,000 visit mark. i usually do not obsess about visitor numbers -especially on this blog, but that’s a pretty good milestone for any blog. even the least cared for ones. (actually as of this moment it’s at 50,998 visitors). so thanks to all of ya’ll for coming along for the ride.


kabul is calm and sunny today, with some gentle clouds gliding lazily about the sky. we need the rain -the dust and the drought is not helping things what with the flu officially in country now.


~ by safrang on November 7, 2009.

One Response to “crawling on the ceiling of my mind”

  1. congrats;)and stay safe in Afgh!

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