Visiting the Alma Mater

to juniata, college dear
in praise we raise our song
the place of loyal hearts and cheer
which we have loved so long
we love the pathways to and fro
the classrooms and the halls
we’ll ne’er foget tho far we go
the days within her walls.

-juniata college alma mater, 1898


i am visiting my college after i graduated four years ago. beautiful place nestled in a beautiful countryside in pennsylvania. so much happened here. i truly lived here, loved here, laughed and cried, succeeded and failed, and on occasion got bored too.

so many memories that are unique to having spent four undergraduate years at a small, relatively isolated liberal arts school. four incredible, unforgettable, formative years.

this afternoon as i drove into the campus again, an overwhelming mix of all that came rushing to me again.

i love this place and the people here. always a part of my life.


~ by safrang on October 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Visiting the Alma Mater”

  1. I wish I could feel that passionately about my former schools!:(

  2. I envy you. I should visit Smith sometime, at the right time..

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