warmer climes

florida’s weather is a sharp contrast to the week that i was in dc. the air is warm and thick and any breeze does wonders.

the roadsides here sport palm trees. i find this a bit disconcerting. in my mind, the accepted habitat of this species is far from the us.

the wailing willows, on the other hand, are wonderful. the only other time i have seen them was again in the us a few years ago when i was visiting savannah ga. wonderful creatures that seem more animate and full of character than any other plant species i have seen.

they also have waffle houses here at every stop -nice, southern cuisine rendered unto promiscous, quick food. wondrous concoctions of cheese and potatoes, perfect for any day’s carbicide.

it might have to do with the kind of place i was holed up in paris, but the size of hotel rooms shere in the us has been a welcome change. in paris i was in a room practically smaller than my college dorm room, and equally spartan. another experience in bonn a year or so ago was similarly confined.

as i wrote in an email this afternoon, it is only through distance and time that the wonderful gift and blessing that is family becomes apparent to me. this is tragic and thankless of me. it was only when i got a break this afternoon to pick something my little brother had asked me that i realized how much i missed everyone. blessing or curse of being busy?

the sunsets are more affecting than anywhere else. the sun sinks into the horizon always with a tint and ambiance and solemnity that fills your heart. something about seeing a sunset in florida will always be with me.


~ by safrang on October 21, 2009.

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