r.i.p. mercedes sosa

the late mercedes sosa
(1935 – 2009)

* * *

mercedes sosa, that unforgettable voice of latin america’s nueva canción died last week, at the age of 74. she will be remembered and mourned by legions of fans who not only admired her voice -the anguished voice of thousands of mothers who protested their sons’ deaths at the hand of military dictators- but for her revolutionary stands against repression even when it brought her imprisonment and exile. she typified artist as revolutionary, art as social protest.

* * *

“gracias a la vida”
thanks be to life.

this is the first song i heard of sosa when a listener to my late sunday night radio show in college (music of the world) suggested i play it on air and gave me two records of sosa’s music. such a forceful, deep, and matriarchical voice, such dignity oozing from it.

watch gracias a la vida.


~ by safrang on October 12, 2009.

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