nobel peace prize

the award?
what i think of the award?

well, i think it is a nifty little trick by the ever defeatist europeans to subtly nudge him into withdrawing from afghanistan.

mark my words (colleague’s name), this is the day the world started abandoning afghanistan for a second time to itself with disastrous consequences for all involved.

* * *

my (admittedly over the top -because that’s how frustrated and confused i was by it all, like just about everyone else) reaction when an international colleague asked me what i thought of the pathetic and ever so political and meaningless and undeserved (even by the american president’s own admission, because he is such an honest bloke) awarding of the nobel peace prize by the imbeciles sitting on the norwegian nobel committee.

an editorial page cartoon in the international herald tribute today put it best:
“the norwegian nobel committee has decided that the nobel peace prize for 2009 is to be awarded to president barack obama for his extraordinary efforts in not being george w. bush.”

my pick (and that of thousands of others) would have been dr. sima samar. that would have actually made some sense. but this is not the first time the committee has stepped right into it. afterall, among the laureates, there are the likes of henry kissinger too. not to say that the current american president is anything like the dreaded mr. k -far from it. i like the person and know that kissinger can learn a world from him in terms of having principles and sticking to them. the real joke here is on the norwegian nobel committee. they could not be any more successful in undermining the historical weight and prestige the prize has carried even if they tried.

and it is clear that decision has put the american president above all in a most awkward position. this is the last thing he needed at this time when he has got to make some quick and big decisions and the scrutiny the awards have brought have muddied the already muddy waters of policy towards aghanistan even more.

deep down i know he is cursing at the buffoons of the nobel committee. here is what i imagine went through his head when he heard the news:

“what the heck? what have i done? do i even know you? do you think you are doing me any favors? i don’t need your damn award right now – i know i could have earned it and all you would need to do is wait a few years. if you were so eager why didn’t you tell your cousins to give me the chicago games? damn europeans with your ever so uncomfortable and stiff attitudes towards race. jackasses. wops – make a mental note to delete that from white house tapes after i leave. the last use of that colorful reference cost me some embarassment.”


~ by safrang on October 12, 2009.

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