r.i.p. ted kennedy

edward m. kennedy (1932-2009)

the lion of the senate and one of the most reasoned and progressive voices in the american legislature is no more. may he journey well.

a while ago when news of the senator’s illness spread around, i jotted a quick prayer and a particularly juicy snippet of the senator’s days as america’s oldest teenager -as narrated by seymour hersh in the dark side of camelot- here on this blog:

teddy’s health

an excerpt from that may 26, 2008 post:

…i was saddened to hear about the senator’s serious illness and here is a prayer that he recovers quickly.
besides the school library, in my college days i also had a weakness for c-span, and listening to kennedy speaking on the floor, i always found him to be a man of principles and strong conviction. his stance on many pressing issues of the day seemed to reflect the saner and more progressive side of american politics.


~ by safrang on August 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “r.i.p. ted kennedy”

  1. I hope Mary Jo greeted him on his journy’s start. I’m sure her and her family didn’t see kennedy as “principled and reasoned”

  2. Oh how original, Rich. No one has said that on ANY other blog. I am sure you just informed Hamesha of something he NEVER heard before.


    Kennedy faced the legal system, that’s good enough for me. And I don’t think we can judge a life as long and consequential as Ted Kennedy’s based on a single incident. Kennedy should be judged for the sum of his deeds, not just one error in judgment. By consistently supporting women’s rights as a legislator, Kennedy undoubtedly saved many lives and in doing so atoned for his role in Kopeche’s death.

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