the one

it is the 15th of sha’baan today and the birth date of mahdi (aj), the guided one, the awaited one.

we await his appearance, and have done so for a millenium and half. biding our time. bidding him to appear now, sooner.

we wait, because he represents in our collective imagination salvation and justice and reprieve. we wait, because these things are important to us, and we need them. because the world is growing empty of them and has been doing so since the day it began.

we all await our respective mahdis and messiahs and assorted deliverers of end of times, because as a species, on a primordial level, we want to believe in them. irrespective of where we are born, what our beliefs are, and whether we want to admit to believing in the one or not.

and yet, despite all this thirst, all this yearning, on a deeper level, we do not want them to appear still. which is why for a thousand and more years we have rejected anyone’s claims to be the one. (claims that, because they have missed the real purpose of this millenarianism, which is not temporal and literal and worldly at all, have given the entire eschatology a negative, cultish aura.)

we want to want the one to appear. we need to believe in the eternal promise of the one, waiting, always on the verge of appearance. we do not want the one to appear yet as it would exhaust the real purpose of the one, which is to serve as the awaited one. an ideal and perfect construct of truth, and justice and beauty, just out of reach, just that side of the curtain of time. the sublime incarnate, in waiting. because we are not ready to trade-off an eternal promise as the backdrop of our collective, yearning consciousness with a mortal, temporal being now. because we are not ready to cash in on the eternal promise of the one yet.

we need the one more as a collective psychological presence and beacon rather than a mere mortal presence of flesh and blood.

and yet;
and yet;
with impatience we implore the one to appear, now, today, this friday, and to set everything good and right.

good and right.

we wait.

the awaited one


~ by safrang on August 6, 2009.

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