work -crazy, overwhelming, hectic work- still defines my life and invades my sleep when it does not deprive me of it. and this will go on for the next few days, so i might as well stop complaining. besides, when this blog started two years and some ago i was leading an astonishingly idle life that moved me to the brink of existential crisis, and whenever i feel overcome by work nowadays, i remind myself of the fact that i have taken all of my vacations already and now need to work hard to earn those in retro.


thank you for the birthday messages saki and shaharzad. reza – i will keep that in mind.


i am hurting to post this one-liner i read from sohrab sepehri yesterday and which really struck me as only sohrab’s one-liners can, but since i got this new computer a few days ago the language setup has been messed up and i cannot type farsi. i need to get the it correct it for me or otherwise give up the whole damn thing for the freedom to write in farsi.


the other night we went to dinner at a colleague’s home after work and there he unleashed his magnificent collection of music upon the unsuspecting rest of us. which was great. because there were people of all tastes and music to fit any palate, from eagles to caetano veloso, and from nusrat fateh ali khan to ac/dc. but this one particular track which i am listening to right now as i type this in the afterglow of the day sitting in my dim office proved exceptionally great. it is by two young pakistani girls who have mastered the craft of classical singing in a way you cannot hear often and are singing a farsi song by the name of “paimana” to the anguished melody of rubab and tabla, and with an endearing slight accent that makes the whole affair only more pleasant. again, had i the farsi type on this computer i would have written the lyrics out. great music.


and then, carpe diem. grab this day. because it is about to go by. greedily squeeze the last bits of time and life out of it. doing whatever. work. music. that harmless, occasional smoke of cigarette while you see the sun sitting down. or that dinner you have long planned with a friend but never got around to it. and for the shock effect of it, try multiplying the number of years you have lived to date by the number of days. or even more shockingly, the number of days you (might) have got left, and then think of the day you have just left behind…


~ by safrang on August 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “today”

  1. well now i am not shy to leave comments in here since I ve done it before.

    yes. please do it. Get the IT people to fix the language. I know you have a good taste so I want to read it.

    Hamesha’s blog is wonderful.(again 🙂 )

  2. your post was like a nice, unexpected gift today.. Yes, we should grap the moments, hang on to them…

    I really enjoyed that song. Those women are cousins and went to Holyoke and Smith.I listened to Paimana with my Pakistani friend+student who was learning Dari in a beautiful spring day in a small classroom in Smith.. it was amazing.

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