legislating public decorum

i say some variation of this law ought to be put into effect in afghanistan too (and how convenient that italians are responsible for justice sector reform of afghanistan):

Groin turns into no-go zone for luckless Italians

i have been in many a meeting or otherwise serious social encounter that demands some level of decorum and decency only to be shocked by a sudden grabbing and careful readjustment of the genitalia by one of the men -sometimes in the presence of women- and all with such a casual and innocuous air that one would think the culprit is itching a spot on their head and not their groin.

just one of the things we afghan men need to change about our public behavior, even if it takes the introduction of a rediculous law barring it. another is spitting profusely and in public, and yet another is peeing in public (only because your back is turned to the street and you do not see others does not mean others don’t see you.)

my theory is that some of this behavior is rooted in an all-male society where women were supposed to be (and were in reality) housebound. that is changing now with more women in the workplace, in school, and in public transport and public places in general. together with this shift in social roles of women, norms of social interaction and propriety ought to change as well to keep up.


~ by safrang on July 26, 2009.

One Response to “legislating public decorum”

  1. Wherever in the world I am, I say that if guys are going to adjust their goods in public, I should be allowed to adjust my bra as much, and for as long as I need to, also in public. Quid pro quo.

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