of elections and reconstructions

this town is in the grip of an election fever so high it is almost not good for our collective healths. posters and posters and papers and newspapers and new newspapers and billboards and all of a sudden everyone has a turban. and alliances and re-alliances and alliances of alliances. and redrawing of maps and deals and meals and tickets and pickets and…
everything moving too fast to keep track of.

and some pretty wierd and amazing stories: like the one story in one of the 41 candidate’s newspaper alleging that the incumbent president is considering abandoning the race in favor of this one candidate few have heard of.

and all in all, great intrigue and entertainment, and all along, a lingering hope that all will go well and that regardless of what and how and who, we might still know peace after this is all over.

(speaking of which, what a disappointment that tonight’s three-way debate between the three top contenders is called off…)

* * *

but there is a certain aspect of it everyone is agreed on enjoying, and that is that the reconstruction of kabul’s roads and streets is going on at a feverish pace (this morning my driver and i counted at least 6 simultaneous road construction projects going on all over kabul at this moment – unheard of at any time in the past several years) and that finally, finally there is unfailing, uninterrupted 24-hour electricity.

i am not suggesting this is connected to the elections, but one wonders and wonders and wonders…

* * *

there is this little known art movie out of iran by babak payami called secret ballot (raye makhfi) that we watched a while ago. a female voting officer is dropped on a tiny persian gulf island on election day and goes around trying to convince people to vote and that it is important for their future. at the end, the soldier accompanying him develops a romantic interest and innocently suggests that they ought to have elections every year, and indeed every month and every week -because it is so important for the future.

those of us who are beginning to like all of this a little too much are feeling like that soldier too..


~ by safrang on July 23, 2009.

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