is driving me crazy.


and holding me from writing a piece i feel deeply honored to be invited to write, and from applying to a very interesting fellowship i again feel deeply honored to be nominated to apply to.

both of which, at the current pace of things, i will unfortunately, unfortunately miss…


a few months earlier, when things seemed less crazy, i enrolled to a paid-for summer class of 3 weeks at lse, and now that it is coming to start, i have to pass this up too. the emails i keep getting from them which say where they will assign ids and rooms, etc. take me back to those days of when i was entering my freshman year of college and the onrush of new things to do and get used to…


a delegation of a bunch of folks including some mps and academics is about to go to pakistan for a joint discussion by folks from both countries of the af-pak strategy. i had to make a painful decision to pass this up too… doing a conference in turkey was hard enough, and it left me in a frantic mess trying to catch up..


the sacrifices one makes…


sorry bit of it all is i don’t know if the shower of opportunities will always be there… only a few years ago i was laying about sleeping lazily all day and reading novels and blogging profusely… and swimming out of boredom.


god i miss swimming. the other day i could not resist jumping in the white-waters of salang which left me sick. as i said to someone, i might have been a fish in an earlier incarnation…


~ by safrang on July 22, 2009.

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