food court, tehran

food court, teheran
a poem by karen swenson

like pigeons winging down on a spill of breadcrumbs,
they flutter headscarves loose over hair black as lacquer.
authority -heavenly or earthly- succumbs
to hormones, to khol lined eyes without rancour.
in wallpaper tight jeans and hiplength jackets, so snug
the fabric stretches to parentheses,
between the buttons, they giggle across tables and mug
for each other’s cameras in the greasy sleaze
of make believe foreign restaurant including
a tex-mex. on this isle of adolescent liberty
where boys stroll by and look, these faces leaven
dreams creating divine and political difficulty.
the essence of adolescence is invariably heathen
and totally opposed to religion or reason.

* * *

lipstick and laughter jihad in teheran

a poem i read a while ago that is all too painfully relevant nowadays. i met the poet a few years back when she visited the campus of my college. we got into a mini argument as i recall because i had suggested a “kiplingesque” undertone to her poems from asia. in retrospective, this was too bold and perhaps a bit foolish of me. (but then i also recall who i was in college and how enamored i had been by said’s writings and how bitterly hostile to the colonial legacy of european powers, and i understand my sophomore rage.)

apropos, now that this issue is so current with the post-election mayhem in iran, perhaps derakhtefarwardin can render this in its farsi translation. i would love to read it, as i am sure many others would. and did i say it harps on a painfully current string?

where is my vote?


~ by safrang on July 21, 2009.

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