career objective

our h.r. has been sending me bundles of cvs again for a key position we have announced lately and i would hate the laborious process of review were it not for gems like this that provide for much-needed moments of levity:

career objective:
to develop into consummate constituent of your concern by executing my gargantuan endowment and handiness and metamorphose all the tumbling blocks in my way into stepping stones by tricky work and enthusiasm with a firm resolve to achieve the desired proviso a juncture is bestowed in your alliance i will endeavor to pull off your reverie and fancies and will fetch show-a-discrepancy in the meeting out.

much as i would have liked to spice things up here with the recruitment of somebody with a joycean stream of consciousness and a penchant for victorian era literature’s sentence construction, unfortunately this prospective consummate constituent of gargantuan endowment lacked the required qualifications.

(someone out there might say i am being mean -sorry, just could not resist sharing it. and anyways everything is kept anonymous.)


~ by safrang on July 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “career objective”

  1. Awww, this one sounds like she? he? would be fun to work with!

  2. @transitionland – a he, actually. yes, all of us wished he met the key criteria and we would have loved to have him over and give him unending grief about his career objective i am sure

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