eateries in kabul + the milkshake song + consultant bad behavior

we were sitting in the garden of the grill restaurant in w.a.k eating and being silly. watching groups of people enter the place for lunch and seeing how many of them we knew. i won, because out of 7 groups that entered while we were there i knew 5 and greeted them all. which annoyed s, because 1. she lost with her 2 groups of people only, and 2. because i was being shallow and silly playing this game and not enjoying the full extent of my time with her, which i will regret only when she is gone for studies in a couple of weeks. but it truly does make me wonder why is it that i meet some of the same faces over and again in the grill…

speaking of which, grill is my favorite lunch place because it is close to s’s workplace and sometimes when i happen to be in that part of the town for meetings around noon, i just call her and we meet there for a shwarma sandwich or lentil soup, or the really unique green mint drink with salt. as for dinner, it is the newly renovated and expanded setting of barbecue tonight where you will find me on many a weeknight because it is closer to home and i don’t have to travel far to get to it, which towards the day’s end can make a big difference. and i know most of the establishment’s staff which means they accept all sorts of bizzar requests and customizations, and plus it is casual and unassuming and not too self-serious -and the garden cools down to a nice breeze in the late afternoon. i would improve the outdoors furniture, however, and tell those kids upstairs to shut the hell up and let the people enjoy their food and conversation. oh well. maybe all this is part of its unassuming down-to-earth charm.

no, we talked about a bunch of other things too and were not being all that shallow. new developments in the family and what not. that type of thing. but again at some point for some reason i cannot recall the conversation again turned twisted and bizzare and it became a game of who could reconstruct the pop song “milkshake” by kelis, and i once again won by being able to reconstruct the entire chorus of the song:

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
and their like
it’s better than yours
damn right it’s better than yours
i could teach you
but i have to charge

in other news, i am still feeling terrible and feel like my head weighs at least -seventeen- seventeen and a half times what it normally should and my body has been hit by a 18-wheeler mack truck.
and again i am working at remedying this with good old work. (now that i look back at it, maybe the lunch conversation was all a bout of delirium on my side.)

in yet further news, we had a tense meeting in the office today and i may have been uncharacteristically stern, because a number of things are not moving on at the pace they should, and maybe in this certain respect my illness is coming in handy in that it is not allowing me the usual capacity for being considerate and understanding and accomodating, but rather impatient and demanding.

and in yet further, further news, i have just completed giving an international consultant (who has failed to either show up for the job he accepted or decline outright and let us know our gameplan) a good dressing down by email and hinting at having him blacklisted from ever working again in afghanistan if i had to (i was bluffing and don’t know if such a blacklist exists, but by god it should.) i copied this email to another international colleague who wrote back to say that it was so well-written, stern while gentle-manly, and with enough long words in it that it felt like giving someone a beating with a peacock tail fan. i say as long as the beating is dished out, it is ok with me. seriously. i have had enough of consultant bad behavior for my entire career.


~ by safrang on July 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “eateries in kabul + the milkshake song + consultant bad behavior”

  1. I realized you have something in common with AB… You need to get well soon.

  2. Feel better. 😦

    I have been informed that green tea cures just about every illness.

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