adversity. work.

they say adversity focuses the mind, and it’s true. as i write this from my office in the late afternoon, i am sick as a dog and yet i’ve been working away since this morning putting in more than the average day’s work -certainly more than an average saturday’s work. yesterday – a weekend – i was at home and sleeping, and barely got around to going to a friend’s house for a gathering. in the afternoon it was again the bed and book and tv and i could not even move a limb and later in the day ran a really high temperature. this morning i had difficulty peeling myself away from the bed, but decided that i needed to go to work only to see if i could, and was planning to return around mid-day and sleep again. it turns out that with the load of things that need to get done, i do not have the luxury to keep feeling sorry for myself. i am just realizing that the day has already passed. we would all feel a lot more ill and sorry for ourselves but for the good that our work does to keep at least the psychology of illness at bay. of course there is a state where one is physically incapacitated from doing anything, but until things get there, and sometimes in order that things don’t get there, one can well spend the time instead of self-victimizing either in good company, or at work -which for some people is one and the same thing.

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~ by safrang on July 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “adversity. work.”

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  2. Hope you feel better soon..

  3. Had the same terrible feeling yesterday. under the weather as the say! bad bad weather these days!

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