r.i.p. the king of pop

there is pop music. which is transient and temporal. and if it is successful, it becomes the soundtrack to the summer in which it is released, but in any case goes out of fashion soon. and if you are spotted listening to it a year later, you are considered passe.

then there is classical music. which is timeless and knows no summer or winter and never goes out of fashion.

then there is michael jackson’s music -which renders pop unto classic.

and that is the neighborhood where we find the likes of thriller, or bad, or billie jean. or you rock my world. or beat it. or we are the world. or… and as i count these off, while listening to them again and again, they each bring back volumes in memory -and i was not even born when mj had already stolen the title of the king of pop. go figure.

the talent, daring, and humanity, the shocking originality, and the tregedy of michael jackson -the boy man, the artist, the entertainer par excellence- will be forever remembered. thank you michael for all you gave the world, and journey well.

michael jackson

michael jackson (august 29, 1958 – june 25, 2009)


~ by safrang on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “r.i.p. the king of pop”

  1. He sure will be remembered.

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