i managed to spend this friday not even starting up my computer and it felt great. of course the urge was there, but i stopped myself every time the temptation came and told me i could reply that email and review this report and fiddle with that spreadsheet.
i think after this i will get into the habit of leaving the computer in my office and not taking anything home.
instead i watched a little bit of a movie, read most of an economist magazine, attended a wedding, played xbox and spent some time in the garden. and of course it rained friday afternoon, which was the greatest thing to behold.
shaharzad was right about snow -it is a slow start. which usually means death of the book for me. i am stuck somewhere in the beginning chapters and have not picked up the book again.
today i picked up hafez as narrated by abbas kiyarostami and read درویش و امنِ خاطر و کنج قلندری and something about this simple image struck me and left me bewildered.


~ by safrang on June 6, 2009.

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  1. u got xbox?!!

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