excel & post-it

two things –

thanks god for excel. the mallaebility and functionality and practicality and logicality of this program is sublime. when i think excel, i think beautiful. and i am not a number cruncher by profession. so go figure. the program is one of the hallmarks of human achievement and ingenuity, right up there with that small slip for mankind on the moon, the discovery of fire, dali’s couch, and the written word.

my desktop (the old skool one, not the virtual one) is yellow with post-it notes (i am using a chinese verion called just-stick!). which makes me dread the yellow sticky paper altogether. they have invaded my desktop, the margins of my laptop screen, the planner on the wall, random pages of reports, and as of last night, my dreams. each one is oggling me with a guilt-inducing stare telling me to get the work done and joyfully crample the paper and throw it in the trashbin below the desk. for some time now the hordes of post-it notes have had the upper hand. the struggle is now at a point where i am leaving for a meeting now but am about to stick a post-it right into the screen of my computer to review and get done all the post-it notes and get rid of them this thursday afternoon when things are calmer and the office is emptier and i have some time to myself.


~ by safrang on June 4, 2009.

One Response to “excel & post-it”

  1. and thnx god that people who know how to use excel work for government.

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