last day of the cow

the conductor made the announcement and we got off the bus behind another couple who held hands and wore big face-covering shades. the bus left and we crossed the street to get to the little ice-cream parlor. i got a big cone of purplepalooza -i do not recall the flavor, but the texture and color lived up to the name. then we entered the half empty theatre and sat in one of the middle rows behind an old couple. the woman had fallen asleep with her head on the right shoulder of the man who seemed to constantly murmur something to himself. on the silver screen a huge close-up image of greta garbo’s face was flickering silently. then the phone rang. it was my driver asking whether i was planning to go to work today. i concluded yet again that one cannot rely on kabul’s electricity. it just needs to go off momentarily at night for the alarm to be reset to one in the afternoon. at least when there was no 24 hours electricity i understood that i had to use my cellphone as an alarm. i looked over yonder at the good old paper calendar on the wall and saw that it was the last day of the cow, the second month of the solar year, and a thursday at that -last day of the working week here.


~ by safrang on May 21, 2009.

One Response to “last day of the cow”

  1. سلام همیشه ی عزیز
    ظاهرا” ثور” همان
    bull or ox
    است. در عربی برای گاو ماده “البقره” را به کار می برند.
    شادکام باشی

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