2 years ago today: measuring quarks

two years ago on this day -the 19th of may:

measuring quarks

I am back, and not quite sure whether I want to be back yet.


They say it is impossible to measure the exact dimensions of quarks, because the very act of measuring will alter those same dimensions. Therefore, all measurements of sub-atomic particles are estimates. Never real, objective figures.


This is the sort of thing that sends my head spinning.

If the act of measuring renders the measured immeasurable, will the act of writing in a web diary also alter, in one way or another, the quality of daily experiences?


It seems to us that it does.

It is impossible to be a silent witness to one’s own experiences. A silent, by-standing, and 100% objective chronicler.

It would be like standing outside oneself. Just observing, and recording. (That’s the sort of thing that Nakir-Munkir* are supposed to do, I guess. No feedback, just recording.)

At the very least, it seems to us, one would begin to look for diary-worthy experiences to write about: thereby confounding the objectivity of the writing. At the very least.

Questions of audience, shareable escapades, and moralism would arise later. Is this why some ciphered their writings and others requested that their diaries be destroyed upon their death? And yet others go scouring for untraceable online domiciles?


Which is such a pity. Because otherwise, in place of these pseudo-intellectual bird droppings, there would be actual and highly readable material occupying these same pixels.

*nakir-munkir: in islamic belief, the pair of angels with one sitting on each shoulder and diligently recording the daily deeds (and thoughts and intentions?) of human beings. the one that sits on the right shoulder records good deads, and the one on the left, the sins. these records will later be used as evidence when doling out justice on the day of judgement.


~ by safrang on May 19, 2009.

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