it’s five in the afternoon and sunny. and after a morning of light rain, the weather is delightful.

we look forward to watching knowing. i have not enjoyed nicholas cage’s movies before, but this one has a rather twisted plot from the teasers i have seen so far.

they asked loqman the wise where he learned his manners, and he replied: from those who have none. where do i get my motivation to work hard and stay late at work? from government civil servants. thorstein veblen once spoke of conspicuous consumerism as a near-pathological and unexplainable affliction. how about conspicuous delinquency? a most mysterious behavior unexplainable by any particular reason. tragedy is, this behavior inspires some of the most lavishly paid expatriate consultants to also space out and leave early. even more unexplainable.

i need to shed about 20kgs and 5 inches. how i am going to do this what with most meals spent in the company of people who enjoy eating is a mystery to me and an ever-increasing threat to my health.

yesterday i stopped by the game shop in the city center and picked up the psp game ace combat x: skies of deception. i have been defending the peaceful republic of aurelia from the evil laesath invaders, but that’s only with the difficulty level set on easy. flight simulation games are so addictive and psp is the perfect answer for insomnia. any hour of the night – pick the up console, wear the headphones, and dodge and attack and do contour flying and soar into the sun.
ace combat x


~ by safrang on April 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “stuff”

  1. dear hamesha,
    speaking of weight, your brother’s is on 205! and needs to shed 45 of it ; all because he can’t help binge-eating and is unable to exercise.

  2. Social eating is the scourge of any dieter. Without altering one’s social life, it’s almost impossible to avoid.

    What I found to work when I needed to shed a bit of a gut was cutting portion sizes and ordering more beverages, because what I really needed was something to occupy my hands and for that a filled and re-filled cup of tea would do just as well as, say, a dozen pieces of baklava. Uh, not that I ever had a dozen-baklava-a-day habit… Perish the thought.

    Re: ace combat x. There’s something really…really…postmodern?…about that image.

  3. Nurse the tea, that’s what helped me lose weight. And make sure you don’t have any sugar cubes with the tea.

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