violent, poetic, nostalgic

“a generally unruly lot given to violence, poetry, and not infrequent fits of nostalgia.”

-entry on the natives of afghanistan taken from a fictitious 18th century (british) encyclopaedia.


~ by safrang on April 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “violent, poetic, nostalgic”

  1. hope things have changed at least a little since then

  2. @davis: i wouldn’t get my hopes too high.
    i listen to and read western media’s reporting about afghanistan and while there is an urge to political correctness, their basic narrative about afghanistan remains the same, i.e. a violent, poetic, nostalgic lot -the essentialist cliche of the noble savage.

    if that is what you meant by hoping that things have changed…

  3. Conversely, that quote could describe just about every group of people on the planet. Except maybe most Anglophones, for whom poetry is to be created by the insane and consumed by the elite, not a frequent byproduct of everyday life and speech.

  4. سلام
    من می خواستم چند چیز دیگر هم به آن شعر نیمایی ات اضافه کنم و آن گاه آن را به عنوان ” اپریل فول” برایت بفرستم و بگویم که بلی سال گذشته این شعر ات را از طریق ای میل برای من هم فرستاده بودی! شادکام باشی

  5. I left a farsi message here and it just disappeared. apparently both my brain and my computer are acting up.

  6. very true, transitionland, now that i read it again that could could describe the species itself. generally unruly lot -check. violent, poetic, nostalgic -check, check, check. also so true what you said about poetry for the anglophone. of course i do not know enough about them but then again little did they know about the rest of the world and that did not stop them from pontificating and describing them in broad brushes. so what goes around…

    @hatif – i would still like to get that remixed poem as an april fools day prank even though the suspense won’t be there. really. and sorry that wordpress ate your comment up. i always look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    @hik – i know, i know. i was being unfair to afghan pop singers. but then again look at the posts i did on april the second and you can say that i was in a foul mood. as a matter of fact, whenever i blog profusely it is because i am feeling more deranged than usual.

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