one of the best and more cutting edge suspense thrillers i have seen in a long time. discovered this 2008 title by accident while channel surfing and waiting for a good moment to be bored by the tv to insert the dark knight dvd. that never came -because as soon as i flipped over to max cinema and saw the first few shaky frames of cloverfield, i was hooked.

the blair witch project purports to be an amateur handycam job but this one mixes real handycam work with some very well-done cgi and animation work. the basic plot narrative is also clever with most of the action taped over a previously taped day out in the sun and occasional glimpses of that serves to take the viewer out of the more immediate, gruesome context and then back.

this movie with the basic plot of a godzilla out of the sea would have bored one to tears if not for the clever production and cinematography and the handycam method. plus the acting and the cast, while new and young, do an exceptionally good job. especially the ghetto/gothic character of lizzy caplan is a delight. all in all, a real thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, or as was in my case, propped up on your bed, gripping the remote control.


~ by safrang on April 2, 2009.

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