-hello, is this so and so at so and so ministry of the government of afghanistan?
-yes, yes..who is this?
-hi, my name is nick gowen and i am with the bbc world service. mr. so and so, you are live on bbc world as we speak and we would like to ask you some questions about yesterday’s conference on afghanistan in the hague.
(confused, over-excited, unable to believe his luck) yes, yes, i can hear you… go ahead please…
-so first of all, would you please tell our viewers what do you think of the revised us policy on afghanistan and pakistan?

the person assumes the air of an expert pontificator on political matters and lets on with a five minute volley until he is interrupted by the sound of laughter on this end of the line. he is on loudspeaker, and victim of an april fools prank call. curses and hangs up.

-bali, this is so and so.
-oh alo good, mr. so and so from the directorate of so and so of some fictitious inspector general’s office wanted to speak with you. your name has come up in a number of our dossiers in connection with some irregularities in certain procurement practices. can you hold on for a minute.
(demonstrable shake in the voice, worry, confusion, anxiety all mixed up) oh, ok. alright.
(five minutes later, unwilling to go on with the torture, yet unable to hang up) bale? hello?

hi, we just got a call from the hr office. you are fired and those salaries that were advanced to you to buy your car, yes, you have three days to pay those back.
an hour later, the stricken colleagues is measuring the length of the hall with his pants full of ants.

it is this other colleague’s turn to host today’s rotating lunch. once seated at this traditional but super hospitable restaurant with unmatched afghan food in this part of town, he slips out making as if he is going to the washroom. ten minutes later -and the rest of us have all placed our orders- he calls to say that he is back in the office and good luck paying for our own lunches, and happy april fools day.

oh the joys of workplace tomfoolery.

~ by safrang on April 1, 2009.

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