yesterday at around 1pm it hailed outside. i was returning from a meeting and the sound of the giant splotches of soft ice-water on the windscreen was pleasant to the ear.
i am having a jetlag from a 2 hour long flight. this is not fair. (though i think my distorted sleeping habits in the last few days may also have something to do with it.)
i am addicted to roasted pine nuts from eastern afghanistan. i have gone through 3 one kilogram bags of jalghoza in less than 3 weeks.
i just noticed that massenet’s meditation de thais is the most played song on my itunes. i had once written about how i would like the track played in my honor in sleepy hollow in the presence of some friends.
there is talk of dividing and conquering and about “peeling off” a group from a bigger movement and negotiating with them. my thought on the matter? going at this speed, we will soon be negotiating with the bigger movement itself.
i have started on an ambitious project of trying to memorize the entire constitution in farsi. all 12 chapters and 162 articles. wish me luck. (speaking of which, the president’s speaker would have been well advised to do this when he famously and mistakenly referred to the article that specifies kabul as the capital of the nation when he wanted to refer to the one that specifies the timeline for the presidential elections.)
i got a call from my cellphone service provider announcing that i had won a golden number. i think golden numbers are entirely overrated. why would i want my phone number to be easily remembered? those who need it, will remember it. others can save it on their cellphones or refer to my visiting card. as i said, entirely overrated. and a ruse to get more money out of people who are silly and attracted to repeating digit patterns. i wouldn’t, however, mind a number that spells my name. like those one eight hundred numbers that spell stuff like 1-800-my name except that in this case it will be 0-700-my name.
its the best season for citrus fruits in kabul. if you are here, go for the kino and the ruby red maltas.
last night was charshanbe soorie or the last wednesday before nawrouz so some of us arranged this zoroastrian bash complete with bonfire and dancing all around it well into midnight… few things are so beautiful as open fire on a chilly night…


~ by safrang on March 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “snippets”

  1. I am afraid that after all the “peeling” is over and done with, we may be left with a pile of peels no more manageable than the the onion to begin with. Perhaps more frightening still the prospect that if not for the miserable peels there would be no onion. Either way, bad breath follows both!

  2. When I think of people who have phone numbers that spell their names, I think of; phone psychics, personal injury attorneys, and phone sex operators.

    Surely, as a student in the US, you stayed up late a few times and saw some of those annoying mini-informercials hosted by people who sleep in tanning beds and promise to make you thinner, richer, more attractive, more tanned!, etc…. All for just 19.95 (plus shipping and handling). But wait, we’ll double your order for no extra charge and throw in five crates of shoe liners and this 6 year old parakeet as well!

  3. Uh, those people sometimes have name-numbers too. That’s what I meant to write at the end of the comment above.

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