check the local time stamp on this post -and i am still in office. a lot has happened inthe intervening period including, inter alia, a wedding, a transfer of power and coronation, an office move -finally iget to hvae my own corner office!- a honeymoon, a near drowning as a result of terrible jetski maneauvering in the indian ocean (it’s nothing like driving a motor bike, that’s the mmistake i made), kabul finally has 24-hr electricity a fact which is wreaking havoc on everyone’s sleeping habits and utility bills, and the discovery that one of the most famous ski clubs in the world is named after kandahar, a province with little of the white stuff. oh, and let’s not forget, i missed the date for another recollectory end of the year stock-taking post as this blog is, as of january 14th, 2 years old. all this require several long posts -but who am i to impose my conscience on yours? besides, did i say check the local time stamped on this post? wops, that’s the minister’s office calling for a late night engagement/presentation. i have never been busier, nor happier, and amidst it all, i have managed to watch and enjoy the slamdog millionnaire together with s. adieu!


~ by safrang on February 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “back!”

  1. Welcome back!

  2. سلام جاوید جان
    خوش آمدی
    همین دیروز می خواستم برایت نامه یی بنویسم و بپرسم که در کجایی– که صفحه ی انترنیت را باز کردم و غرق فراموشی شدم.
    خوب شد دریا با تو مدارا کرد. نگران شدم.

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