happy new year & honeymoon

quickly, because, well.
happy new year everyone. hope 2009 brings you more of the things you long for. hope it is a good year for us all.
speaking of which, earlier today my heart gave me such terrible pangs of pain for good old dear palestine, which is subjected to it all -yet again.
the wedding went well. i was, as was said, in some dread about how it will go down. it went well, thanks god. friends and family came through and made it a memorable fairy taly sort of affair, complete with glitter and laughters and tears and goofs. even the dancing abilities of the shah (that would be me -the king for a day) were blogged about!
the entire thing -from namzadi to henna to takht jami- warrants a book somebody smarter and witter and with more time ought to write one day. trust me, it will beat any big fat greek wedding.
we’re on honeymoon. thanks to kam air -which has managed to deteriorate in quality and service and reliability to where it spoiled a full honest to god 12 hour day for a 2 hour plane ride and then made us all wait some more for immigration forms and landing rights and what not- we could not get to delhi in time for joining the new year festivities. instead we spent it on the rooftop of our hotel watching the fireworks from a distance. but no complaints, really. i am thankful for the year past and hopeful for the one ahead and i remembered to recite the prayer i have done ever so often since childhood at the moment of the change of the year (which adds up to two occasions in 365 days, one for gregorian and one for solar year, but by now it should be clear that i only need excuses to pray):

یا مقلب القلوبِ والابصار
یا مدبر اللیلِ والنهار
یا محول الحالِ و الاحوال
حول حالنا الا احسنِ الحال
yes, as i was saying we’re on honeymoon. and what does someone who is on one hand a self-proclaimed and widely acknowledged workaholic and on the other regularly preaches decadence and hedonism on his blog do on his honeymoon?
he takes hafez to heart, for a good few days.

دو یارِ زیرک و از بادهء کهن دو منی
فراغتی و کتابی و گوشه ی چمنی
tomorrow we’re off to agra, because the last time i went there to see the taj mahal i was alone and it made a tiny dent in my heart and i want to make amends.
then day after tomorrow, we are going to the wondrous rajasthan and jaipur, where we will stay for two days in an ancient palace remade into a hotel.
lastly, there are plans to go off to goa just to thaw off the cold of kabul -although it has not been that bad this year- and hopefully see siblings coming down from studies for the last leg.
there is so much to tell, so much to share. i will see if i can post some pictures. thank you for your kind messages -here, on s’s facebook, and in email. again, happy new year. more updates as i get the opportunity.


~ by safrang on January 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “happy new year & honeymoon”

  1. I can’t believe you married someone else. Uh!

    lol jk

    Congratulations 🙂 Who is the lucky girl?

  2. happy new year and congratulations!

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