progress report – henna night

henna night went well. better than i thought frankly. frankly i was in a bit of a dread about it all -it being first time i am at the center of so much attention on such a particularly, well, embarassing topic. yes, i still feel a little shy about it all.
and i am back in office for the day in between, with a right hand palm looking near scarlet with henna.
the musician was good. better than i had assumed. and he put on a good show. the ladies of the two households, well, kudos to them and their yet undiscovered dancing talents which only lucky i was privy to -of all other envious adults present behind the partition.
yes they did put us even more right under the spotlight by requesting a joint dance, which i think we tackled with just the right mix of demureness and interest. i would have preferred dancing to abba’s timeless “dancing queen” though.
speaking of which, some might have thought what an odd couple. they are making jokes on the night of their henna. especially she. she ain’t supposed to look so happy. that is not… well, right. sorta.
nope. we had a good time of it all and pigged out on the dinner when we finally were alone as both of us had not had a bit to eat the entire day.
especially this one little cousin of hers (he is, i think, about 3-4 years old) who looks so serious and who had taken to the dance floor and was dancing all to his own tune. he cracked us up. we kept joking about how he was carrying the white man’s burden in the occasion.
there were a couple of occasions when she and i stood to take pictures with all my siblings (they have all come back here for this!) and my father and i had a hard time keeping back tears. that was hard. hard.
thank you all for your messages. i feel them and it makes me feel better and easier about it all.


~ by safrang on December 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “progress report – henna night”

  1. Hamesha, congratulations on your henna night :)- sorry for the belated message. I am so happy for you guys!!!

  2. Oh, please post photos for your nosy readers when this is all over, even if they don’t include faces. 😀

  3. wow, this is all long time ago, but I am super excited about ur henna night!soooo cute, I wish u all the best:)!I need to find more posts on the topic, haha;)

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