by the way of an update

very quickly, the preps are going well. in between i come into office and sign things and work until i get yelled at over the phone and scramble out of office again. tomorrow evening is the henna night, and within two days, the big day itself.
it does not feel like sleeping under the camel. (ok, that can sound a bit awkward but those who read the post before the previous one in farsi can understand the expression -it means all that is involved in throwing a wedding party here) oh no. it is turning into sleeping under the elephant itself.
by the way huge thanks are in order for those who responded on the previous note about the invitation card text. especial thanks to hatif who at the 11th hour inserted that key line that only afterwards i noticed was so good. i will scan the card itself and put it on flickr and on here at some point. maybe.
there was a rather funny mistake in the printing where our intimate gathering or (بزمِ کوچکی) inadvertantly turned into a nomad goat (بزک کوچی) but that was rectified this morning when i went all indignant to the printer and he turned around and gave us the cards in two hours. nice ones too. like i said, i will try to put them on here.
last night i had this really interesting conversation with my in-laws. it demands a post in its own right. but briefly, it was about how would one throw a wedding party for a couple whose entire journey has been admittedly rather unusual and at the same time manage to not make the entire affair an overly politicized one or so unconventional that… well, somebody starts quoting on us the saying “when in rome…” i don’t know. i want to play it safe. but then where does all this talk about courage of conviction go? and how am i going to live with myself and with us for forever and ever after if it is another glittery affair with extravaganza and kitch and little substance?
the wanton purchase of vast quantities of precious metals. don’t get me started on that. and the silly thing is that s does not much care about that sort of stuff either. with her taste and style, she won’t once probably get to wear all that metal. but who cares? got to be done. that’s the custom. phew.
s plays the violin. i am pathetically unartistic, i admit, but may find something useful to do. like hold up her music notes while she plays in that ravishing dress. maybe we can express our gratitude to the attendees and friends and family of years- those who are present, and those who should have been. maybe the family’s children can put together a nice dance. or a friend can read a poem -even if not a personal one, one from the evergreen hafez. and perhaps, just perhaps a slide show of pictures to pachelbel’s canon in d. that way it would be our wedding and our night, and not that of the singer and his band who do the thankless job of trying hard to split everyone’s eardrums. but then again, we have not come to closure on whether we are going to have a mix wedding or a split one. as i said, the key thing at this stage for us is that it goes on as planned. maybe this is not the night for making statements. i don’t know. but then again who else would be better placed to do it? i am lost.
now on to trying to locate my national id card because the indian embassy here has decided that in order to grant visas, they need not only the usual paperwork -i.e. passports and the like- but also our national id cards. wow. the coming two weeks off better be good. really good. the things i do to get to it.


~ by safrang on December 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “by the way of an update”

  1. I haven’t read the other posts (excuse my absence, it’s been busy) but congratulations!

  2. Sounds like everything is going well, a bit overwhelming, but that could be expected.. you and dear s don’t forget to enjoy the day with all its craziness, it is your day after all, not only the day of parents and relatives and friends….


  3. Exciting! Congrats, and good luck staying sane for the big day!

  4. بزک کوچی؟ ههاهاهاها unbelievable, these things always happen in printing shops. They do what they want.

  5. سلام جاوید عزیز
    اگر آن ” بزک کوچی” را اصلاح نمی کردی احتمالا فایده می کردی! چون اگر هر کس یک بز کوچی می آورد به ساعتی رمه یی فراهم می آمد و صحیح مالدار می شدی !
    شادکام باشی.

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