of high school friends

they say there is no one else like family.

well, i say in the same way there is no other group of friends like high school friends. in that vein, i have just rediscovered my high school friends. years later, and in a different country. yes, my high school period was divided between four different high schools in three different countries –a microcosm of my life’s story itself- but i have rediscovered friends with whom i have had some of the most substantive moments and memories. they say you outgrow friends. one can’t help realizing this. but at the same time, there is nothing like common memories and shared cherished moments and events and people and places. nothing like laughing at one’s childish follies and adolescent existential angst and teenage unrequited loves. like nations have collective memories that they do not outgrow –or outgrow at their own peril- so too groups of people and friends. as i have found out, i remain firmly rooted in these memories –they are a part of who i am- and thereby to these dear people. people that nima yoshij once spoke of as:

نام بعضی نفرات
روشنم می دارد

and now, these friends are doing that most high-school-friendly thing of all for me: banding up like the cast of groomsmen to plan my wedding! a department in which they are a step –or in some cases two- ahead of me (two steps, as in marriage and having children, not two marriages -or two wives. no.)


~ by safrang on December 12, 2008.

One Response to “of high school friends”

  1. Dear Hamesha,
    I am happy that you have your high school friends around you… mine, aanha ra baad burd.. many married, almost all, we couldn’t say in touch…one other source of happiness that Afghan women learn to lose, their pre-marriage friends. and then, like yours, my high school traveled, I went to high school in Peshawar and then for a semester in Kabul, and … I still remember some of my friends, their habits, the lovable little habits they had.. their crashes, and crying on each others’ shoulder, and days of anger, days of friendship…. Now that I am in my last year of college, I almost don’t want to graduate.. I am so afraid of losing all these.. but hopefully,this time we will stay in touch…hopefully.

    and your wedding, that is very exciting news. Congratulations. I wish I was there… Say hello to S for me… You are a great couple… It brightens my heart to think of you two…

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