Zeinab Badawi

is it just me or does everyone find the bbc presenter zeinab badawi to be just about the most intelligent and classy of them all?

i so enjoy her on hardtalk and when discussing middle east politics and african development issues. i guess that’s the difference an oxford education (in philosophy, politics and economics no less) makes.


also, by the way of an honorable mention: the cute mishal hussain, again of bbc:

lastly, thank you wordpress geeks for this wonderful quickpress tab in the new dashboard design. it is custom made to my needs on this blog -which is pretty much always wordpressing on the go.


~ by safrang on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Zeinab Badawi”

  1. a far more eloquent, to the point, interesting and readable account of badawi and why we love her as host of hardtalk:


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