this will be…

…another of ‘those’ weeks.

so not much awaits you in the way of read-worthy blogging. just stuff that i will put here as cerebral upchuks and the sort.

which is why to end this one session with that snippet of that really good poem from the late qahaar aasi, which some of us found particularly enjoyable on a late night there:

کبوتر های سبز جنگلی در دور دست از من
سرود سبز می خواهند
من آهنگِ سفر دارم
من و غربت
من و دوری
خداحافظ گلِ سوری


also if you are like me and however hard you try cannot work up the patriot in yourself at the sound of the current national anthem, which sounds more a bad tragedy than a moving and befitting anthem, then try listening to aasi’s timeless “aazadi” performed by farhad darya.

گل شگفته خواهد شد

and let that march music flow through you. it did through the few of us finding ourselves yet again together on foreign soil and lamenting as ever into the dark of the night the sorry state of the nation.

lastly (and this is not the first time that i am struck with the unassuming quality and force of this timeless tune) the following track (from -i think- ustaad biltoon) has driven me to the most inaccessible and cherished moments of nostalgia. first time around it was on a late night in mashhad when this came on ariana tv -the international channel- and before soon the boisterous conversation had turned into pindrop silence, and then cries of ahhh and ooohh and wah wahs. then it happened that on this recent excusion someone from paktia was with us and could render this piece in an uncannily similar voice to the original master:

ستا د سترگو بلا واخلم
بیا د سترگی ولی سری دی؟


~ by safrang on November 28, 2008.

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