couple more humble pontifications from yours truly

i’m back in the disneyland of the middle east and thankful for a breather from work and life over yonder. these past few days the weather there has taken a sharp turn for the cold and it is nice to be able to swim in the sun after a while. i tell you: take away the regular dubai air service and the booz and ninety some pecent of those who are in afghanistan on excuse of working there will call it quits.


in other news, here is a humble proposal to declare a moratorium on the use of the following catchphrases: capacity (building and lack of), rights (of the women, children, and human varieties), civil society, progress, change (wonder where that one came from), and …
now before anyone goes up in arms about this obviously chauvinistic proposal, let me say that the overuse of these words in our public discourse have done a great deal of disservice to the actual causes that they used to represent.
take these away and i promise you a good deal of the talking heads of these issues will be left adrift and unable to put together two coherent sentences if their lives depended on it.
(i swear i had to come down and post this because i was already brimming with frustration and this has not won me many friends here because i just can’t stand it and can’t help but make snide remarks.)

also, it is hereby pontificated that from today forth on pain of death a fatwa is in effect about starting presentations -that do not actually, directly deal with the political history of the afghan state- with a sweeping and emotionally laden and nostalgic backgrounder that usually takes up a good half of any speaker’s time no matter what the subject -women’s rights or water rights.

lastly, all foreign advisors are hereby advised that those among them who complain about lack of capacity and use it as a cop out for why they are not able to get things done around here -which is pretty much one hundred percent of the time- are to be stripped of their visas and boasting rights about having worked in afghanistan and barred from the country forever. yes, i know the arguments and the facts, but this is getting rediculous folks. besides, the arrogance and condescension is unbearable.


there, i feel lighter.


at some point i will remember to insert the proper links in this post to that harirud post on loc (here is a hint: it does not stand for line of control anymore folks) and previous posts on this blog about the same, and about good old dxb.


~ by safrang on November 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “couple more humble pontifications from yours truly”

  1. I enjoyed this.. a lot.

  2. This post was delightful. I sent it to my boss. We have people in Afghanistan, and I think your rant probably applies to them. 😀

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