disappointing pictures

so i sat to go through the pictures i took of my recent trip to iran and just realized that there is not a single shot i feel like fiddling with on photoshop or editing to post on flickr. yes. i’m pretty disappointed in myself and my photography skills. especially as i took out two afternoons to just wander around and take photos, and got stopped and asked by a guard about why i kept taking pictures of a wall-sized mural of ayatollah khomeini. after going through all that, still nothing worth sharing. sad, sad, sad. none of those eye-pleasing juxtapositions of be-lipstick-ed and chador-clad young girls walking in front of a large wall-sized painting with an american jetfighter draped in stars and stripes dropping bombs over the dome of rock in palestine. oh how much i would have given to capture a cliched image like this!
i feel pretty ungenerous towards my camera too. it is currently posing a sad sight at the foot of my bed in its sorry-looking black bag, untouched for a week.

in other news, i was watching babylon a.d. and saw that the writer/director has stolen my vision of kabul circa 2079 as presented in this earlier post.
speaking of photography, take a peek at these shockingly good wildlife pictures on bbc:

wildlife photography


~ by safrang on November 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “disappointing pictures”

  1. Sorry to hear about Iran…
    God that monkey is creepy.

  2. I am still waiting to see the pictures you have taken in iran! dont judge your ability Javaid:) please share the pics!!!

  3. yeah.. please do share the photos..

  4. I am flattered to be read by you. thanx

  5. btw, the BBC pics were so stunning. I couldn’t believe the monkey was real when I first saw it.

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