this pleasant, gentle sway

yes, i’m in iran and having the time of my life.

i can say i would enjoy living in this country for quite some time, and be content, before i think of moving on. and no, it’s not because my only point of reference is war-ravaged afghanistan -thank you. i’ve been around the world and peeked around the bend, and even with that, i can tell you i would enjoy living here.

above all, what i enjoy the most is this country’s slow dance -a subtle, gentle, flirtatious sway-

between the ancient and the post-modern,
between being staunch persian nationalists and being cosmopolitans engaged in a constant dialog with the outside world,
between yesterday and today -and increasingly between today and tomorrow,
between traditionalism and post-modernism,
between white turbans and spiked hairdos,
-black chadors and cherry lipsticks-
between a moralist brand of shi’a islam and a syncretic version of representative democracy
-the islamic and the republic-
between pedal-powered pottery shops and web 2.0
-and uranium enrichment centrifuges-
between a youth bulge (60% below 25) and the scientific zone of qom (hawza-e-ilmiyeh)

-between a rock and a hard place-
or between the good earth and the limitless sky.

and pulsing with all the exciting tensions that all these dichotomies create.

a country truly in flux, pulsing, full of potential, and pregnant with momentum and with happening.


~ by safrang on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “this pleasant, gentle sway”

  1. Iran is so kickass

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