دیدم که هنوزم رمضان در پیش است

and miles to go before i sleep. -frost



the work sich-yay-shun the past couple of weeks has been crazy. and there are no signs of letting up after i get back. which is why i’m planning to thoroughly detox and relax. only if i knew when the actual eid will be -it’s already the afternoon of what could be the last day of ramadan and nobody seems to have any idea whether tomorrow it is eid or not.

with that, i bid all of ya’ll a happy and blissful eid. by the way keep away from all that cookie and dried fruits. that stuff will get to you.

(ps. a silhouette image of mihrab and mosque with a slender moon in the backdrop should have gone here had i cared.)


~ by safrang on September 29, 2008.

One Response to “عید”

  1. […] have spent this length of time not even letting the thought of work enter my serene skull. true to plan, i thoroughly detoxed. i slept blissfully, read a roman emperor’s memoirs (hadrianus) and […]

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