last minute ramblings from balkh

wrapping up yet another interesting trip to the north. as a colleague was saying yesterday, everyone needs some sort of ‘affirmation’ from time to time -regardless of station and position. and looking back over the last couple of days, my interactions with people on the ground in villages all over samangan-balkh-jozjan has been my source of affirmation -that what i am laboring at day in and day out in kabul- does contribute to something.
ok. that’s my plane leaving in 5 minutes now.
in other news, i received a pretty shocking email this morning and my first thought after reading it was:
i have to be more cautious.


~ by safrang on September 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “last minute ramblings from balkh”

  1. More cautious in what sense?
    I learned a sad news about an old friend, and since then I have meant to send a note to all who are swimming against the wave in Afghanistan to practice prudence over courage. Take good care,

  2. prudence.
    is the word.
    and that sad news is actually what i was talking about qumandan.

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