on the road again

as it happens, i will be departing for germany later today to attend a conference on afghanistan. it’s a follow up to, and a review of what has happened since, the bonn conference that was the start of it all for a new afghanistan. it’s actually taking place in the same venue as that other conference. ideally i should mull about this and possibly post some self-serious thoughts on the conference on my other blog -but i don’t feel like it right now. and besides, i blog to zone out and escape and get away from work -albeit momentarily. more for the dard-e-dil aspect of it than anything else. and besides, all i have done over the past couple of days is to get ready and research and write and prepare for the conference. so, no, thank you, but you won’t get anything lofty and cerebral from me, about the conference and monference and reconstruction that that sort of stuff. not today. not to say that i am not excited about the idea-fest that it’s going to be, and the people i will meet, and the conversations and debates i will participate in.

but right now, speaking to you, here on this blog, i am more excited about the trip itself. about the ‘getting to walk the world’ side of it. there are 5 german visas on my passport, but all of them for transit purposes -having hopped off frankfurt on trans-atlantic flights- and so it is my first time visiting germany itself. and i have heard that the ‘seven mountain’ region of germany, areas around bonn and konigswinter is very beautiful and i trust i will have an afternoon to wander around and take some pictures which you might or might not see on flickr.

ps. here is the place i am staying at:


~ by safrang on September 3, 2008.

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