a chance to be good

that’s what ramadan is about -for me. to be good, and to do god’s work here on earth.

i know, i know. this is the last thing one would expect reading on a blog that has previously proselytized hedonism and recommended institutionalizing curious and morally questionable national holidays.

but who says being merry and being good do not go hand in hand?

i look forward to this ramadan. i am full of hope. i hope that during this month i will be more good to more people that i know, and nicer to those that i do not. that i will greet more people with congenial smiles and heartfelt greetings, and that when that usual cabbie gets out of his lane and cuts into mine, usually prompting me to a loud blare of the horns and the hardest expletive i can muster (which is not hard by any means given the standards here) i can master my temper and swallow my rage and tell myself that laa-howl-y-walaa and that there is always tomorrow. and that with colleagues -which thankfully i am already on great and cordial terms- i can be nicer and more cordial and ask about their families more often -even if we can’t lunch out together for another month. and that every day that i wake i will find purpose and god’s will in my will and my work. that’s what i pray and that’s what i hope this ramadan will be about. and i hope that some of these changes will be permanent.


~ by safrang on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “a chance to be good”

  1. I hope so for you.. and for myself too, for all of us.. Ramadan is a good chance, it always fills me with a feeling of commitment and strength.. strength from having people around me sharing this month with me..

  2. […] a chance to be good again it is the start of another ramadan, and i find myself returning to these thoughts. may we all do […]

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